why does love die?

​Good evening readers of Greatwomenworld story…
 My name is Sophia..I am using this platform to share my real life story to the world so you ladies would learn from my experience and don’t make the mistake I made..
I made a very stupid mistake by dating a guy who already has a child for another woman..
How it all begin……

I was in the last lap of my OND when I met Prince who was rounding up with his HND at the same polytechnic. By his name prince was really a prince charming,he was too good to be true..so sweet,loving, caring,romantic TDH(tall,dark and handsome) every girls dream man… In my whole life I have never met a man as charming and sweet as Prince.. Being a Orphan I felt I have found love again…..
6months later we became very intimate,our relationship was the envy on campus….I feel head over heels in love with my prince charming.
One Sunday evening after our visit from the cinema as our usual hangout during the weekend… He told he had a daughter from his past relationship but he has nothing to do with her mom…they have both moved on,being a responsible guy he only takes care of his daughter….at first I was surprised he didn’t tell me earlier because I love him and I love kids I didn’t bother…it was okay by me

It wasn’t long..my sweet heart popped the question”will you marry me” looking at the cuteness and love in his eyes I said YES without hesitation… 
I never knew the yes I said was yes to  problems in my life…..
That month I missed my period and started feeling sickly and weak..I headed out to the hospital. After conducting series of test..I found out that I was pregnant..
Things were happening so fast…I called my prince charming and told him about our good news…he sounded not so happy…we met that night and he explained to me how he is just trying to make ends meet.. He is still struggling to fend for his daughter…I told him not to worry we would survive… At least I have a job.we could save up and start a family.
He saw that as a means to extort money from me..he borrowed money to pay his daughter’s school fees and other bills promising me he would pay back..
My pregnancy was growing bigger and we needed to start up a family so we decided to get an apartment while we prepare for my traditional wedding 
While we were still searching for an apartment and he suggested I should come stay with him in their family house…. I agreed.
When I got to the house I found out that his mom never liked me a bit…everything I do irritates her..she always praise his ex-girlfriend..it was then I found out that he was still dating her and she still visits his family house.
One morning prince mom called me to her room and told me she wants to give me a motherly advice..she went ahead and told me to abort the 7 month baby in my womb…

I was dumbfounded …

What? Abort my first fruit.

Your grandchild?

we continues shortly..do you think shopia will listen to her fiancé’s mother and abort the unborn child?

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