10 benefits of Reading Great books.

Reading  great books is a valuable way to filling in time and it gives you a welcome break,from our sometimes mundane and repetitive lives…the benefits includes

1. Great way to feed your mind and spirit: The human mind is a never ending processing machine that is always seeking information. Reading with help to nourish and stimulate your mind and keep it engaged which will divert your mind from negative thinking and worrying.

2. Keeps your mentality faculties sharp and intact: it is a mental workout which helps develop the mind,instead of allowing it become stale, dormant and unsued.

3.Best way to learn and expand  your knowledge: if you want to get smart and stay smart so you can have edge over the average person.

4.mark Twain quoted”the man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read…

5.Takes your off Troubles of life: Burying your head in a great book is a great way of taking your focus attention off the everyday troubles and concerns for a while as it will transports you confidence anyly better places of dreamlike and fantasy world.

6.According to Steve jobs” American enterpernuer,creator and businessman in one of his quote States the importance of reading.he states that reading and learning are so critical to success, and a lack of information will keep you small and limited;all leaders and successful people read newly all successful people will tell you that is at least one great book  that they read completely turned around and transformed their lifes.

7.Improves the qualify of  your conversations: your vast array of new found knowledge will help you to become more involved in discussions,you will be more able to instigate much more varied and interesting levels of conversations.

8.The power gained from reading is priceless : it expand your knowledge and awareness.Reading will also stimulate your creative imagination..

9.Reading a great book boost your self confidence anyday,anytime.

10.Reading a great book can also be a way of finding a loyal friend and companion.

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