Based on a real life story

Allen Avenue (Story of a call worker)

We were told that Lagos is a land of many opportunities, just a sum of three thousand naira is all that was required to take us to that land flowing of milk and honey. My mother sold off her goat and gave Madam B the money. A week later, about seven of us got to Lagos, she told us she had a canteen which we would work and also earn some good amount of money. On getting to Lagos, we found out to our detriment that Madam B had no restaurant or even a shop.
She gave us each a pack of condom and drove us down to Allen Avenue, she said this is the quickest way to make it in Lagos. Earlier that day she had explained it to us but the horror of it dawned on us when we stood there in our bum shorts and halter neck top. There were many almost unclad ladies standing by the roadside, some were very gorgeous while others were pretty all the same. Madam said we mustn’t go far with any client since we are new to Town. She gave us a list of the places we could go with a client and we were to find our way back to Allen Avenue before 6am. She drove off with a promise to come collect us at 6 am.
The other ladies were hostile towards us, we stood afar not knowing what to do or where else to go. Suddenly a car stopped in front of us and we all moved back in fright, the man, an old man pointed to Ene and she walked to him. He said fifty thousand if she would go with him but the location he called was not in the list given to us. Ene walked back to us and said she would go with him, with the money she said she would go back to the village. The money was just too much and something wasn’t right with it all, we pleaded with her not to go but she was adamant and till this day Ene has not been found.
Not long after Ene left with the old man we saw the other ladies running helter skelter shouting “ Eke! Eke! Eke don land o! “We stood wondering what was going on until we saw a police van coming at top speed towards us, They were almost upon us before it registered in our minds that they may be the cause of the ruckus and we took to our heels.
To be Continued……………………

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