Developing yourself to become the great woman you have always wanted to be.

1) Accept that nothing is impossible: You can become great.Somebody has done it before so you can.You can become that great writer, model,first lady, ,designer,doctor,musician,actress and a host of others.

2)Do more efforts than looks, Improve your intelligence and knowledge: Beauty can get you there but your intelligence will help you remain there.Improve your intelligence and knowledge,go back to school and acquire more knowledge on your course.Never stop learning. Keep empowering and enducating yourself.That’s how to stay relevant,Feed your brains with great books,improve your knowledge not just your looks.

3)Learn to say” NO” to things that will not be benefincal: A simple “No,thanks “to anything that is not going to make you that great woman is not harmful. For instance when a friend is trying to lure you into something that you don’t want to do,which might in the long run become catastrophic to your life,simply say “No”.

4)Become your own best friend:A lot of ladies cannot stay with themselves for a day without any company,they are always bored looking for friends to chat with or somebody to compliment them.That’s becoming too needy or too clingy.Be your own best friend instead, be happy with yourself,discover and accept your imperfection,capitalise and celebrate your strength.

5)Be able to trust and rely on yourself: No matter what life throws at you,no matter how the future will unfold that you can stand on your own two feet’s.Your insecurity recedes.Trust your intuition as a woman.

6)Treat your body like a temple,not for looks but for health,take care of yourself: your body is you. You need to treat it like a temple. Eat healthy and nutritious meals,Exercise regularly and look after your beautiful body,it is healthy to do so.

7) Be your own voice: At every point and anywhere you find yourself,Speak up for yourself.Nobody is reading your mind, be your own voice.

8)Be Hardworking: nothing can take the place of an hardworking woman,her sweat and pains will one day speak for her.Don’t give up because you are not seeing any result,hard work pays eventually.

 Finally, the woman you wish to become is already within you,she’s simply waiting for you to find the courage to let her reveal herself to the world,find the courage to embrace her…

You are great!

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