A mother’s pride: part 1

Story by Ada
Story title : A mother’s pride
I returned home from school only to find our belongings thrown out on the street .our house rent was expired for the past two year, the whole place was locked . I ran to the construction site where mama worked as a labourer to call her. 
On getting there, I found people trying to revive mama as she slipped from the stairs ,had a  terrible fall and passed out.  I screamed and  cried for mama to stand  up but she never opened her eyes,she was bleeding. 
Immediately, we rushed her to the hospital, before any treatment could be administered to her,we were asked to make some down payment. As a helpless young boy,I had no money and no one to run to for help, mama’s coworkers donated the little they had. She was immediately taken to the ICU as she  already lost so much blood.
  That was a night I couldn’t forget,I was devastated, depressed and dejected. Life is not fair, I cried out to God and wished papa was alive. It rained heavily that night,most of our belongings got destroyed by the rain.
All my concern was on mama’s health. Mama spent 3months in the hospital, I stayed with her and supported her through her hard times. I cheered her up, promised to always do my best to look after her . During this period ,I missed my senior waec exams .
 Mama was diagnosed to be  hypertensive,she used crushes to walk until she could walk properly. We lived at the mercy of neighbours and friends.
When she fully recovered,I and mama  suffered, we did all kinds of menial jobs to foot our bills, we have gone to bed in empty stomach many times, I became angry about our poor state and was determined to give mama a better life.
 I promised myself  that i will make Mama proud ,I will bring our generation out this abject poverty.
 I wrote my senior waec the next year, secured  admission into one of best university  in Nigeria to study medicine. with our little savings, I was able to purchase some of my school needs . 


I studied very hard in my first year and maintained the best position in my department.
   Mama visited me in school,she was very glad to see my performance , she prayed for me and said” Francis ,my husband, you are all I have ,my pride. I might not be able to afford all that you need in school but promise me one thing? That you will be contented with whatever I give to you”.  I promised her, she prayed for me ,kissed me on my forehead,gave me a special rosary to pray with and she left.
  In my second year, life became very tough and hard. I could barely feed. Mama took ill again and she wasn’t sending money.


 I needed accommodation badly, I approached some of my friends who offered to help me with the condition that I will serve them. I accepted,and moved in the next day.They were three guys living in a mini flat . I stayed with them,do their laundry, cooked the food we all eat,I was working as their errand boy.


One night, when I got back from the library, the door was wide opened. The whole room was like a pool of blood. I was scared, I called my friends phone lines none went through. I got very scared. I had no idea what happened?..

The sight of the blood was horrifying.
We have come to the end of today’s episode on ” A mother’s pride” .. Join me tomorrow for the concluding part.

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