Part 2: A Mother’s Pride

​#Part 2#

Story by Ada

#A mother’s pride 

I was trying to pull myself together and figure out what to do next,then I heard a voice from  the room. ” somebody please , Help me”. I went inside and found my friend in the toilet,covered with blood from a gunshot. He was dying ,i offered to take him to the hospital but he refused 
 Few minutes later,some guys came around and they took him away.

I asked the guys what happened before they left . Nobody answered my question. I was left in the dark. I got very scared and confused. They didn’t tell me where they were taking him either.  I couldn’t sleep that night, I cleaned all the mess in the room. Picked my special rosary and prayed.
   Two weeks passed, I was all alone in the house,I couldn’t reach any of my roommates. I thought of leaving but the question was to where?
  I was having a nap one afternoon, my friend arrived with same guys. He told me ,he doesn’t owe me  any explanation of what happened. If I don’t feel comfortable living with him anymore,I could leave then I knew I have overstayed my welcome. 
I packed my things and decided to leave but my friend stopped me ,claiming I have been of help. He told me not to leave because I knew too much. Instead, they will teach me how to make good money and enjoy my life. Without giving it a thought, I accepted. 
 They introduced me all kinds of dirty deals to make quick money.  From internet scams to arm-robbery . yes, gun became  our toy. 
In a short while ,I became an expert ,I lost my focus and stopped attending classes. 

 My friends made me realise that money answers all things.. I transformed from ordinary Francis to one of the biggest boy in school. I had one of the best cars. Moved to my own lovely apartment. 
 When I visited mama on holidays, I disguised and act broke to prevent her from questioning my source of income. I stopped collecting allowance from her,told her I organise lectures for junior students to survive.  She was so pleased to hear that, she also prayed for me.
  In my final year, I returned to school after the long break  to hear a sad news about our Vice chancellor murder. This brought thorough investigation and the state government was involved. The police was on the trail of the murderers. My friends visited my apartment. I had no idea what was going on until the police bursted us. Searched everywhere and found guns  in my room. I had no idea how it got there.
 We were all taken to the police station. My friends turned me in. They accused me of being a part of the VC ‘s death, which I knew nothing about. 
I was rusticated from the university . Mama got the news and she collapsed. She was on comma throughout my trial in court . I had no good lawyer to stand for me as  all my bank account was frozen. My friends were pleaded “not guilty” . They all implicated me and set me up.
Today I am serving in jail for the crime  I didn’t commit. I learnt that mama died of heart-attack. What am I living for?
 Someday I will  die in this prison,

 All my dreams of becoming a medical doctor and giving mama a better life has been buried in the four walls of the prison all because of my impatience and bad friends.I was my mother’s pride. Her joy…her everything. I did not only bring shame to mama I also disappointed myself .
Before I take my last breathe, before I rut here in prison. I am writing this to every young guy out there.who is struggling to achieve his dreams to endure, please don’t cut corners, work hard and be patient. You will succeed.  This is the story of my life,please learn from me.
Don’t get carried away by friends doing better than you .

Your time is coming ,please be patient.


We have come to the end of today’s episode on ” A Mother’s pride”

 Thanks for reading .
See you next weekend! 

Love from Ada.

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