Story title :My first love part 2

 Story by Ada

Title: *My first love*


  I was dumbfounded seeing him propose , I needed somebody to wake me up,it was like a dream,this can’t be true. Still on his kneels, tears rolled down his cheek “Baby don’t say No” .. I didn’t hesitate, I screamed “YES”. Fred was so happy, he place the ring on my finger, gave me a deep wet kiss,carried me like a baby straight into the car we drove home.

 I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so busy flashing back the whole romantic scene,  his sweet words was repeating on my head.I felt so happy and thankful to God for bringing fred into my life..

  The next morning Fred surprised me again, he never ceased to amaze me.. He came to my apartment and asked me to close my eyes, walked me outside and showed me a brand new Range Rover jeep as a gift. Handed the key to me plus an approved visa to Paris just to celebrate our engagement. I was dazed ,what a perfect gentleman I have found,I’m sure the luckiest girl in the world. 

While we were away in Paris we talked about visiting my family and setting a date for our engagement coincidentally, my birthday was 1 month away so we decided to fix it on my birthday which fell on a Saturday.

 While we were away, Fred respected my decision about keeping my virginity until our wedding night  and he didn’t touch me.We had so much fun in Paris. that was actually my first trip aboard.. I had a swell time with my fiance.

We arrived home,Fred begged me to stay at his apartment since we are planning our wedding,I need to look after him as we plan towards our big day.

  We visited my family, they all love and accepted Fred, He spoilt my family members with lots of gifts and good cash but mama called me into her room and asked me if I have met any of his relative and the job he was into.I told mama everything that he told me and how he is the only survival in his family, He lost his family to plane clash when he was a teenager. I only spoke with his uncle on phone who lives in Canada and he will be present on our wedding day. Mama said ok, good but she needs to inform Pastor about him.I got furious and yelled at my mom because it was of no use. Fred is a God-fearing Guy, he doesn’t joke with church, he prays Evey night before going to bed and every morning when he wakes. He assign fasting and prayer for our personal growth and for the success of our forth coming wedding. On hearing this, mama made a sign of relieve and finally approved our wedding.
One night, we got really bored and decided to watch a romantic movie, while we were watching the movie and having some romantic moment, I noticed his hands coming towards my nipples, I tried to remove his hands but he was persistent.. His tongues were already moving 360 degrees around all my sensitive part.. Then I reminded him “wedding night Darling” , He replied with tears in his eyes” I know baby, but three days away you are mine already, Do you want me to go out and get it elsewhere? Pls my Queen stop starving me, I need you badly, you are my wife,the mother of my kids..I promise u,after tonight then I will do it on our wedding night”. Immediately, I felt pity for him,I saw that he needed me badly and I don’t want to push him outside he has done so much for me,I can’t afford to lose him now.I told him NO I have made a vow not to do this and I don’t want to break my vow with God. He told me ” Baby,I have also made a vow to marry you,I want to be your husband for life, can’t you break your vow for your husband to be? His words melted my heart ,I fell helplessly on his arms as we kissed so deeply and passionately.. He carried me into the bedroom. 

That Night was hell, I almost bled  to death , my stomach ached me until I fell asleep, waking up the next morning I was surprised to see that Fred has cleaned me up and all the mess in the bedroom.. Tho I wasn’t feeling too well ,I could still manage because my wedding was already two days away,I needed to make preparations as soon as possible.

Fred was in his room on  very lengthy conversation.. I didn’t disturb him,he was taking long and I wanted  to collect some cash from him,so I went into his room ..I saw him looking so upset, his eyes were very red.. I asked him what the matter was, he said” Bad News, why me” he got a call that one of his container on the sea has capsized,He just lost Billions of Naira,he told me his white  business partners needs him immediately ,we might have to postpone our wedding ..I was very confused but I was considerate ,I decided that we should postpone our wedding until after his trip..while I was helping him pack his bag, I got dizzy and fell on the ground

As I tried to stretch my hands, i couldn’t, i coughed, the whole place looked dark, I tried opening my eyes only to find mama by my side,  Thank you Jesus ,Mama screamed ! Doctor she has opened her eyes! 

 What am I doing here, where is Fred ,what’s going on.. I fell asleep after I was injected .

Three days later,I regained consciousness. Mama and Pastor were present at the hospital ,they told me i have been admitted over 3 months, they  also narrated the whole ordeal and how God saved my life with the help of my mother’s prayer and our pastor.

 Fred was actually a notorious criminal who worked with some High Profile Ritualist who go around seeking for blood from virgins to indulge in their evil act.. 

He and his gang were caught in the act, he was shot while he was trying to escape..  The police  found my body and many others where they were about to use us.

He hypnotized me and manipulated me into believing that he was  God-fearing  ,no knowing that he is an agent of the devil.  

The doctor  confirmed that I am 3 months pregnant .. I couldn’t attempt an abortion because that was an abomination in our family.. 

I hate my life ..Every thing turned sour from that moment, That bastard ruined my life totally.
9 months later, I gave birth to a baby Boy that looks exactly like him. He reminds me of my first love Fred that ruined my life  , I hate the child and never fed him breast milk ,sometimes I felt like throwing him in the Lagoon but my mom and pastor comforted me and prayed for me always .

I almost lost my mind.. It was such a tragedy! 
It took me five years to forgive myself  and love my son again..

What has happened has happened.

Now my son is 10yrs old. 

I have decided to put the past behind me and start my life all over again .

I have made a terrible mistake of my life and I want you to learn from me.
We have come to the end of today’s captivating yet educative story , I want to hear your views about it and what you think others should learn from this ..

Thanks for your time ,join me next Saturday for another mind-blowing story. have a blessed week ahead!

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