Story title: my first love 

​Hi my wonderful friends and families , join me every weekend as I write captivating and inspiring short stories full of moral lessons. Kindly encourage me with your likes and comment, trust me it will be worth your time,grab your popcorn and a drink, imagine yourself in a cinema watching  a big screen ,let’s do it *wink*
#Part 1# 

Title : *My First love*

  My name is Jane,I’m in my mid thirties, this is my true life story. 

Through out my youth I have  always kept my virginity and vowed to do it only on my wedding night with the man of my dreams.I met Fred at a youth church program during my NYSC in Port-Harcourt. The first time I set my eyes on him was when he gave a business talk at the event ,I couldn’t stop tripping because he looked exactly what I  pictured wanted my dream man to look like .his charisma, stature,height, complexion, name it.. My spec! He isn’t only good looking he is God-fearing what a perfect combination, seems my dreams of meeting my prince charming has finally come true.

Before I knew it fred approached me ,introduced himself to me and gave me his business card and took my contact… Omg! He is an international business man, he owns an oil firm.

The next morning I woke up to see 50 missed calls because my phone was on silent, little did I know that Fred has been calling me all night while I was busy dreaming about him..what a connection.

Then I answered his call as it rang again, His voice was so sweet that I was literally melting,he was already in London going on business trip .He told me he has found his wife which is me ..I was speechless,honestly, I felt like a guy has ever swept me off my feet as Fred did effortlessly..I naturally fell for him..

After the call my adrenaline was rushing, my heart was beating fast,I had goose bumps all over my body,I can’t believe I have met my dream man and the feeling is mutual. He was in London for two week and we kept the communication going,we did video and voice calls every day. He happen to have a very good sense of humour, he sure knows how to crack me up and make me happy..  He is Such a great guy.

One Saturday morning, my door bell rang,so I went to check who was at the door,it was Fred holding a bunch of flower and a frame written” Please be mine”.that was a big surprise for me because he never told me he was back from London. He gave me a bag and said ” please wear the dress in that bag,i bought it specially for you,permit me to spoil you today” . I was so happy,I have never felt love this way before..

I hurriedly dashed into my room,opened the gift bag to get change..the dress was so lovely with matching shoes and bag,perfume and jeweleries all designers .I was dressed feeling on top of the world, I step out to meet him but Fred was opening the door and he said go in “my Queen” I felt like a Queen really, such a sweet and handsome gentleman.

 We arrived at an exotic restaurant and he placed the food order, Fred offered to spoon feed me,I was very shy but he insisted  and said” Baby, I asked you to permit me to spoil you,you agreed so allow me darling. 

After feeding me, he held my hands and kissed it . Brought out an engagement ring from the pocket in his blazer jacket. Strength my hands,went down on his kneels and proposed ” Baby I can’t let you go,you are the woman I have been praying for all my life,will you marry me? Please don’t say NO

When I heard this, I was dumbfounded.
 Hmmm,we have come to the end of today’s episode,its a first date and a proposal already. If you were in Jane’s shoe will you accept his proposal?

I want to hear your views.

Join me tomorrow  to find out what happens next

Enjoy your weekend !

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