Story Title: The Go-getter

Story by Ada
Title: Go- Getter
I’m jumoke, my friends call me ” yummy Jummy”  yummy they were  referring to my natural endowments( massive hips and boobs) I was one of the most beautiful and sexist girl back then at the university. I’ve got a figure that can sweep any guy off his feet. It wasn’t  my fault that I was hot, it God’s blessing.
Aside beauty, I was also a go-getter, got my inspiration from motivational speakers and books that” if you believe it, you can achieve it” and that was my watchword. I became ambitious and was all out to enjoy my  life to the fullest. I  mixed up with classy girls like myself, I don’t do cheap things, my clothes, shoes, bags and jeweleries were all designers.I and my friends partied at the best clubs in town, VIP of course, I smoked weed and drank only the finest of wine..I hanged out with very fresh,handsome and wealthy guys. Despite skipping lectures, test and exams I still graduated with the best result in my department. I obviously knew my way.
 After graduation, I got a very high paying job with my connections in a multi-national company.

My bosses were all on my case, being a smart girl, I used what I had to get what I wanted. within 6 months I was promoted.Of course,my sexy body never failed me.
 One year later, I got another promotion to work at the head office and I was introduced to a new boss. That was the beginning of my problem.

Mr Tade, my new boss was a charming,handsome  and intelligent guy..  i started tripping for him for some weird reasons. I loved everything about him although he was a very disciplined and strict guy, married with kids  but I wanted to have him all to myself. I didn’t care about his family .I want Tade to be mine forever.
This guy doesn’t seem to notice my existence, been a go-getter that I was I didn’t give up.I tried different seductive  tricks and tactics but it never worked. All my efforts were abortive. I still didn’t give up. 
I wanted Tade desperately, to him I was just a staff and nothing more. All my plans to get him kept failing.

One day, I went to his office  seductively dressed as usual, threw my body at him but he walked me out and called a meeting that no female staff should be allowed into his office uninvited. 
  I was dazed and felt very humiliated. I got home that night feeling depressed , i  couldn’t sleep. I have never been rejected by any man all my life and this will never happen. 

I decided to take drastic measures and act fast,after brain storming I concluded that I will  add love portion in his tea at work.
The next morning, after the tea girl had served him, I noticed he wasn’t on seat so,I sneaked into his office to carry out my plan, while I was on it.. I heard Mr Tade’s voice behind me, ” Madam what  are you doing there? 
We have come to end of today’s episode ..Will  jumoke be caught in the act?

Let’s find out tomorrow.

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