Story title:The Bestie part 1

Story by Ada
Story title  ” The bestie” 
 Toyin Owolabi  and Tunmise Ajibade are best friends forever. They started out as neighbours, it graduated into  family friendship, they both attended the same  church and school .
These two were talented kids and their parent’s favorite. Toyin had a very sweet voice while Tumise was a great dancer. They used their talents to entartain their family members, each time they are around, the whole atmosphere would turn into a colourful one as they constantly displayed their talents and make their families happy. 
Toyin was from a wealthy family while Tumise’s family were middle class.  During summer, Toyin’s family would sponsor Tumise to join Toyin on her vacation abroad. The girls brought a bond between the both families. They were seen as sisters from different mothers.These two were mostly mistaken for blood sisters maybe twin  as they wear same outfits wherever they go. 

Their nickname was  ” T- barbie “. 
Academically they smatched, they was rivalry in class ,  It was either Toyin was coming first or Tumise second. They competed in class to be the best. 
Their friendship became the envy of every girl in school. The two wrote jamb together, gained admission to the same university to study the same course. 
 In school , they were very serious and focused. Toyin and Tumise were naturally fun loving and  sociable, Toyin contested for  the position of S.U.G  vice President and won making her the first lady to hold such position in the university at that time.
 Tumise who looked prettier and had the body of a beauty queen contested for the most beautiful girl in the university and also won . The two were successful in their academics , their social positions and their friendship bond got stronger.
 After graduation both were lucky to be deployed to serve in the same state. NYSC was fun for them both. They never missed any moment of fun, the two  entertained their friends with their singing and dancing talent. 
 After NYSC, Tumise got a job immediately at the  International airport while her bestie  Toyin  travelled abroad to further her studies. This was the only time they separated. They both missed each other, as they were more like sisters and do everything in common. They used social media, video calling and chatting to keep in touch.
  Tumise met an amazing guy Dayo ,who was travelling to Dubai and there was some sort of  connection between them . In a short while, they started dating. 
 Toyin completed her Masters program abroad,returned home to take over one of her father’s company.
Tunmise and Dayo got married  while Toyin was still single and searching. 

Being from a wealthy home her standards were very high, she was a high maintenance babe, she wasn’t ready to settle for less.


 Two years later, Toyin finally met a very wealthy guy ,Banji. He proposed marriage and  had an elaborate wedding, it was the talk of the town.
 Toyin’s had her  honeymoon in Paris and Maldives. The new couples had a swell time and a memorable one.
She arrived from her trip and her bestie Tunmise paid her a visit at her luxurious home in Banana Island Lagos. Toyin was such a very lucky girl from a wealthy background to a wealthy husband .  There was no lack in her history.
While Tunmise was busy checking out her friend’s honeymoon album in the living room . She heard Toyin screamed from the kitchen… ” oh my God” Nooooooooooooo
Tumise heard her friend’s voice and she  ran to the kitchen to see what happened.
 Unbelievably, she found her bestie on the floor. 
 Hmmmm.. We have come to the end of today’s episode on this true life story” “The bestie” why not join me during the  week to find out what happens next. 

See you! 

Have a blessed week ahead.


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