The Bestie  ,part 2

​The long wait is over! Story continues

Story title : The Bestie

#Part 2#

Story by Ada 
Tumise rushed to the kitchen and saw her friend lying on the floor, she had fainted . She called the driver and security guard as they carried her to the hospital. After series of test was done, she was confirmed 3 weeks pregnant. The doctor told them that  She has over stressed herself  so she will be bed resting for few days. 
A call was made to Banji , Toyin’s husband who left for Texas that morning for a business emergency. He was super-excited about the news, he flew back immediately to see his lovely wife. While Tumise was with her friend at the hospital, she had mixed feelings, one she was happy for her friend and also sad because in her two years of marriage, she hasn’t taken in.

Banji who was a classy guy and a lover of paparazzi already made plans to surprise his wife . He visited Toyin at the hospital, always pampering and kissing her . After she was discharged from the hospital , her darling husband took her home . The sitting room was dark, she asked her husband what happened to the lights, he called their maid to switch it on.  
Toyin was overwhelmed at the sight of she saw, the sitting room was like a rainbow, lovely decorations and live  band musicians. Her entire family were present, friends and colleagues. There was cakes, food and drinks. She couldn’t fathom what was going on? Her romantic husband knelt down and said ” Thanks baby for carrying our baby” . she fell helplessly in love with her husband again at that moment. She was speechless. Banji further announced that his business will take him out of town so he had arranged for his wife to join him in US until she puts to bed. The merriment went on and on till night falls. 
Tumise  got home to give her husband the whole gist of the event. But to her greatest surprise her husband raised his hands on her. This was the first time, he yelled at her and slap her face. He called Tumise names, ” you have brought Bad luck to me since day 1 I married you, I regret the day that I met you, you abandoned me here to stay with your stupid friend ,just go back to where ever you are coming from”.  He threw a letter at her and slammed the door as he walked out.
Tumise read  her husband’s sack letter and cried all through the night, she called Dayo’s phone but it was switched off. She couldn’t think straight. She was devastated. She couldn’t as well call her Bestie to tell her what was going on, it will ruin their happy mood. 
Tumise who needed comfort, decided to confide in her neighbour Mrs Johnson, who was more matured and had grown up kids at the University. Mrs Johnson  told her not to worry, everything would be fine. She is only giving herself high blood pressure. She should drink some pepper soup and cold beer. Men are very useless. She went further to explain how her husband cheated on her with several ladies. Men are not worthy to be trusted, he was only looking for a excuse to cheat. 
Tumise felt a bit relieved, thanked Mrs Johnson as she went to her flat to meet her husband stinkingly drunk and had messed the bedroom up with his vomit.

Tumise was highly irritated, she didn’t know what to do with him. She went to her bag to get some money to buy herself a plate of better soup and a cold beer , and found out her money was missing. She tried asking him, as she was trying to… He was misbehaving, Still trying to figure out why he took her money, the door bell rang, it was Dayo’s mom, her mother in-law. 

Dayo’s mom rushed inside like she received a  call from her son. Omo mi oooooo…. Oti pa omo mi…( my son oooo…she has killed my son for me) 
 This captivating story cannot stop here, why not join me next time to read part  Three. 

What happens to Tumise , her mother-in-law and husband 

What aboutToyin and her wealthy husband.

Find out yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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