5 Things every lady should know in her twenties.

The truth is, life is moving fast, the earlier we understand some basic facts about life  the better for us. Think about it , when did you celebrate your previous birthday? another birthday is here again or has probably passed and you are looking forward to celebrating another one .meaning time waits for no one, you have to decide your future now.

Below, I have 5 important things you should know in your twenties, believe me, it’s an eye opener. 

1) Know yourself: It sounds very regular, ‘know yourself “. You might  ask me,what’s there to know about myself. My dear, I’m also getting to know myself, it is a gradual process. Know who you are. What you stand for , your values, your temperament ,your hobbies and skills then define yourself. If I give you a piece of paper for instance, to write in one sentence about yourself, what will you write? Who will you say you are? To know yourself ,( I will write extensively about this in another post)

2) Get a skill or education: Not every lady is privileged to gain formal education and further their education to college or obtain a PHD but nothing stops you from becoming the master of your skill. Gain your grounds, practice until your perfect your passion. 

3) Avoid meaningless relationship:  Any relationship that will not add value to your life kindly move on from there. It can be from male or female friends.Don’t waste your precious time with people who are going to sabotage your future.

4) Don’t be a people pleaser: No matter how nice you are, there will be people who will not  like you and that is not your business. If you want to grow in life,you can’t continue to be please everybody, learn from now that you can only do what is right for you. 

5) Stay True to yourself: it’s okay to admire others but let it end there, don’t start imitating their lifestyle or wanting to be like them. Every lady is unique in her own way. Now go back to my first point, know yourself.list all the good things you like about yourself and start loving them.

Staying True to oneself is hard when every lady in this 21st century is trying to follow trend and impress the world but  take this from me, 

  • You won’t die if your make up is not on fleek.
  •  you will still slay without wearing designers outfits.
  • your hair will still make sense even if it’s synthetic or natural,simply style it to fit your look.
  • If you don’t have the latest phone , that doesn’t make you a lesser lady 

Staying true to yourself means accepting who you are , living by your means and becoming the person God has brought you to this world to become ( the great woman). 

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