The lover girl 

Come back here! come back here !! I yelled. 

Dennis slammed the door as he walked away,

What was I doing wrong? Did I not love him enough? What has gone into his head, why is Dennis acting strange towards me lately. I don’t just get it at all. 

This is the same man that I had to fight my family to be with, my father has disowned me, my mother just doesn’t want to hear my name. I stole my father’s cooperative money for him , I did everything every loving and caring girlfriend could do but Dennis is acting strange. I left school just to be with him, I think I have tried. What else does he wants from me? Could it be because I’m not giving him enough attention? But I’m pregnant for Christ sake! He should be the one pampering me and not the other way round. 

I went to the kitchen to check the food that was already burning before I head to the clinic for my antenatal. I was still in deep thought of Dennis sudden change and all the promises we made to each other. I hear a phone ringing somewhere close to the pillow. I quickly reached for it and found out it was Dennis’s phone. A call was coming from ” My sweet potato ” 

Immediately, I saw the name, I felt cold and knew by intuition that it was a lady calling. The last time I picked Dennis’s call it lead to a big quarrel , I didn’t pick the call. The sweet potato caller wouldn’t stop calling so I eventually picked the call. 

When I heard her voice, I knew I was right the whole time, the caller was a lady, she heard my voice and insisted I give the phone to Dennis, I told her he wasn’t in, she then told me that she has heard a lot about me, she wouldn’t let me talk before she started raining curses on me, calling me “Asewo”….” Husband snatcher” I was dumbfounded, I was about to ask her who the hell she was when she dropped the call.  

I copied her phone number in my phone to give her a piece of my mind but the dumbass girl didn’t pick my call. 

I saw that the whole drama was making me late for my antenatal,  I stopped calling and went for my medical check up. 

I arrived from the clinic to see Dennis looking like a Lion who is about to swallow his prey.

“Who gave you the guts to pick my call, Nora, you are passing your boundaries in this house, today you will see wonders.” He wouldn’t allow me explain before he pulled my wig from my head, pushed me on the bed and beat me blue black. I was screaming for help but no one could come to my rescue, I screamed until I collapsed. 

I woke up few hours later, to find Dennis eating the bread and butter I bought on my way from the clinic, I was weak.. feeling strange, my vision was blurry. I was trying to move my hand when I heard Dennis voice 

” hey madam, stand up from there and stop that your pretence, I can’t fall for it . go and wash that cloth I kept inside the bucket..

I tried to speak but I could not… Something was holding my breath 

We have come to the end of today’s captivating episode of story by Ada

Until next week join me for continuation of this story

Don’t miss it.

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