Principles of choosing a life partner

Some will say, I will rather cry inside a Limousine than laugh on a bicycle, but if you ask me , why are some of our celebrities crying about their marriages inspite of the money, that is to show us that Money is not everything.. 

Of course ,which lady doesn’t want a good looking, dark ,tall, and rich guy as a husband? 
The question is ,after all the physical attributes  what does he have to offer?

Marriage is way beyond physical attributes, it’s is a course we study and never get to graduate. 

Having gone for marital seminars, relationship program  in church and Christian fellowship , I came with these 10 principles of choosing a life partner that I learnt.

I can tell you that before now, I knew absolutely nothing about choosing a life partner, I didn’t even know myself or what I should look out for in a man apart from superficial attributes, due to  ignorance… I’m glad I now know these things before I get married.

Below are my points.. 

1. KNOWLEDGE : Do you know that God is the originator of marriage and he has the manual… You need a partner, seek God first… Be a lover of God and he will give you a lover of you.

Have a heart burning for God..

Know yourself.

Who are you?

What are your temperaments?

What are the good things about you? 

The things people tell you about yourself that are bad? 

What are your core values? 

Knowledge about the person you want to marry? 

How much do you know him ? 

That is by building friendship and communication, like my pastor will say, Marriage is built in the parlour and not bedroom.. Become friends before dating before courtship before engagement and finally marriage

Don’t rush! Build friendship to sustain your marriage

2. MATURITY : Marriage is not for Children, it is for martured minds.

SPIRITUAL MATURITY: Do you posses the fruit of the spirit 

Galatians 5vs 22: for the fruit of the spirit is love,joy,peace,forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

Do we possess these fruits of the Holy spirt, that is question for us to answer .  

Whatever we seek from our partner, we should have them in us as well.

It is only a man that fears the Lord that would not cheat on his wife, or beat her and maltreat her because he reference God , not because she is not annoying or he is soft but bcos he posses the fruit of the spirit in him.. 

PHYSICAL MATURITY: Does he have a house and a job? He may not for now but you know he is not lazy but hardworking with a bright future.. Love and mere words  cannot feed the both of you .  get a man that is martured enough to take care of you. 

Be sure he has a job and a house before you get married to him.

Dont marry a man that is not growing.

Growing in all areas of his life… If you do, you will be stranded.


know this today, your purpose in life is greater than marriage. Your Destiny is greater than marriage, Your marriage should glorify God.

 Marry someone who will allow you pursue your ministry, marry someone who believe in your dreams and your purpose ,He is also willing to help you actualise it.

A number of women have lost their lives due to the fact that they married the wrong man. 

Some are in their husband’s house already but very unfulfilled with life.

They got married to a man that turn them into a slave.

My dear great woman, you are the product of  your choice

Choose rightly..

I will stop here for today, join me in the next post as I continue with the Principles of choosing a Life Partner.

 I hope you have learnt something today great women,

I am happy, we all are becoming better! 

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