Meet the multitalented woman 

Hello wonderful people, permit me to introduce you to a great woman, she’s also a member of the group “greatwomenworld” . she is  a virtuous,hard-working and an amazing woman who God is using greatly to be a blessing to her family, her friends and her entire circle of influence. 

I am privileged to interview her, despite  her busy schedule,I can’t help but be inspired by her story,her powerful words and encouragement.

 ..below are some things you don’t know about her.

Can we meet you? 

I’m miss Akowe Ofure but some friends call me spark.  I’m a pharmacist working in a private clinic, the Founder and CEO DreamWorld-BeInspired and  Co Founder, Changing Our World Initiative #womenofessence. I’m also a Gospel Singer and song writer, a motivational and an inspirational speaker who at every point in time aims to impact the lives of the people around her and in her nation at large. Generally, I’m a very happy person ,and Apart from my professional occupation and song writing ,am also into styling, bead making and a makeup artist.

What is your view about life ?

 Well, life I believe isn’t a bed of roses, its full of ups and downs, it could be rosy at one point and at the other point it wouldn’t be. Permit me to say that life is a mystery, one that needs to be unlocked and experienced as the days unfold. Life gives us a chance to live ,breathe and become better individuals, but the kind of choices we make, determines to a large extent how far and how well we could reach our destination ( our goals, dreams and passions). Yes i agree we are not all born with silver spoons in our mouths but that’s not a factor of limitation, because you can achieve much more with self determination. So life for me is like a play ground, where only the smarter and the best players succeed. To make it in life one needs to be strategic.
How has life shaped you into the woman you are today?
Life has shaped me in such a way that all I can do is to be grateful for my very existence. I did not grow up in a perfect home nor did I have a perfect family, I remember when I had to stop school because there wasn’t any money for my tuition. I remember when I had to stay at home after my primary five education, I had to spend an extra year at home not going to school, not because I wasn’t brilliant but because there wasn’t enough money, when I had to miss out on classes and on  several tests carried out in school because there wasn’t enough finance at home. I have had to sell sachet water and drinks at building sites with my sister, just so we could have enough to get by. I remember crying and praying to God that everything would get better. Friends have said some hurtful words, I’ve been betrayed so many times by the ones I  loved and had so much trust in, but in all these, life has thought me not to give up, life has thought me to stay strong, life has given and built in me a fighting spirit.  If you never give up, you can overcome all trials and circumstances life brings your way. Life gives me a new dawn to start over and become a better person, as each day is an opportunity to become our better selves. 

I am who I am today because God has forever been faithful.

Life has thought me so much lessons that it would take a long time to share.

Life has given me so many experiences; good and bad, but in everything I had to go through I came out a stronger and a better person, I did not let my family background, or any circumstance hinder me from becoming somebody productive and useful to my Society. if I can go through all these and come out standing tall, with my head held up high, then certainly anyone and everyone can, all you need to do is make that decision and take a stand. Do not get swayed and carried away by peer pressure or material things, or the fact that what you’re pursuing is your ultimate goal. No, no, no, material things is never the ultimate goal . If I had listened to friends and get influenced by peer pressure, I would not have come this far and wouldn’t have achieved this much. That’s why I get disturbed when I see some teenagers throw their futures away in a bid to go with the flow and move with the trends. I try to reach out to such and try to help them see how bright a future they have if only they would do things the right way and with the right intentions hence the opening of my pages.

I have been made strong and my courage increases with each passing day because I know and I’m convinced everything would work out well. In all, God has been faithful, God through life has given me a purpose and a zeal. He’s the reason for my very existence and for that reason I seek to impact my world…. 

A quote from me, “life lessons; never give up as long as you have breath, it is never too late to make a difference”.

Do you believe in love and why? 
If I believe in love? Hmmm…Well I won’t really give a concrete answer to that .lol.

If you were to choose a different person ,would you  still choose yourself or somebody else? 

 Why would i wanna be somebody else. Of course, I would still want to be me in every way..I am who i choose to be.

Tells us few things we don’t know about you?
Things you don’t know about me. Hmmm. 

I’m a really very shy person and I could get very emotional and that’s all,  don’t wanna let out too much. 

How has greatwomenworld made an impacted your life so far?Greatwomenworld as a platform aimed toward building the courage of young women and helping them realise their potentials. it has itself thought me a thing or two I can be appreciative for.
What do you have to say to younger women looking up to you?

As a young lady, one must learn to set her priority straight, stop looking at those distractions, don’t ever wish to be just like anyone else, but rather aim at becoming the very number one. Don’t give yourself away to peer pressure and what people may say. Most importantly, love God, because He alone is able to keep you from falling.

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