Meet the multitalented woman

You think you know her, think again!
Meeting with these set of beautiful women has really been amazing.. I am inspired by their stories and how they have so much going for them…I couldn’t have been able to walk this journey alone without the input of each and every one of them.

I am proud of these women, I applaud their brevity, doggedness and fierce determination never to give up regardless of what life throws at them.. 

 Today ,I will introduce you another wonderful yet multitalented  woman who I so much have respect for,she is also a member of the group.  “greatwomenworld “. She is no doubt a woman of substance, she is very hardworking and dedicated in what she does.Honestly, I had an amazing time interviewing her.

Why not find out yourself, the things we talked about…

Can we meet you?

My names are Gloria irenosen ajuwa Ohiri, am from both Edo state and Ghana. Studied hospitality management OND, I have a diploma in dance, a diploma in comptia A+ from niit .

Am a caterer, a professional dance teacher/ choreographer, a costumier, a sets designer and a whole lot of great things.

What is your view about life ?

My view about life is that 1. Everything happens for a reason, to either teach you a lesson or to make you stronger for a task which God has prepared for you ,which you have to be prepared for so you have better chances of winning the task.

2.Everybodys story is different, so never ever qualify yourself with what your peers are doing. God has given everybody their own time and space.

3. The most important things in life are not material things. Happiness , contentment, peace of mind etc all this things should never be based or attached to material things. 

Love your self!! In this crazy world, the worst thing you can do is not love yourself and being true to yourself.

How has life shaped you into the woman you are today?
Life has shaped me, and I shaped life as well  Because life made me able to face impossible challenges,  I was born with a silver spoon But in one day everything changed.

Losing my mum, then dad had kidney issues, sleeping in Luth, doing small small jobs, sharing fliers on the express etc. All this has made me tough. And my dear the challenge keeps coming but am ready for each one. I always pray to God that he should never give me a challenge I can’t over come. Things have happened to me that can make people commit suicide, I contemplated it, been depressed by situations but I easily overcame them because of what I faced and what life threw at me in the past.

I say I shaped life because somethings I do, are self taught which people that even went to learn it find difficult but it comes easy to me. By God’s grace.
Do you believe in love and why? 

I believe in love!! Love is a beautiful thing when you find the right person. 

If you are ever in a relationship and you are not happy it’s not love. People will use material things to qualify love, but let me tell you when you find true love when both man and wife soak garri they eat it happily o, because they know they have each other which is more valuable than gold.

 That’s true love, love through thick and thin, through the unimaginable trials. When you are in true love you feel so content and happy anytime you think of the person. It’s unexplainable. But love is so beautiful and fragile which means it needs to be taken care of.

If you were to choose a different person ,would you  still choose yourself or somebody else? 

I will choose myself! I love myself, my mistakes have made me a better person. I wouldn’t change myself for anything.

Tells us few things we don’t know about you? 

What you guys don’t know is that, am orphaned, we are all girls in my family, am a mum to a 3 year old bobo, I can make Zobo😁, am very naughty, and I give the best relationship and sexual advice to ladies like  taking care of your body.
How has greatwomenworld made an impacted your life so far?

Great women world has made me meet great women, I like the combination of who we are from different backgrounds and history. And now I believe in the coming together of women for the greater good. This shows the world women don’t just stay together to gossip. we are powerful together.
What do you have to say to younger women looking up to you?

Dear younger generation, hmmmmmm, Don’t trust!!!! You are enough, have few friends, guard your heart. Love God more, love him with all your heart, give him your all. Worship him and make him your best friend.

Thank you greatwomenworld for giving me an opportunity to inspire someone today through my story… I don’t know what you are passing through right now,trust will survive through it and come out victorious, don’t give up .

 I hope somebody is inspire !

Don’t forget to always be yourself….


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