Slaying without spending too much Money

Every lady wants to look good, we love the compliment we get especially from the opposite sex and our fellow ladies . imagine entering into a room and everyone is raising their head up staring at you in admiration,awww isn’t that  cute?

Do you ever feel the need to always change your entire wardrobe because you are tired of wearing the same clothes repeatedly.

Then follow this few steps of mine and feel good about yourself every time you step out. 

1. Wear clothes that compliment your body: 

It is okay not to follow trend and buy every cloth that is in vogue, a fashionista is unique in whatever she puts on. Make sure your cloth fits your body type. Not too tight or too loose but perfect. You can always get a tailor to amend your clothes to fit your body . Do it moderately.

2. Buy as many tops as you can :

T-shirts, chiffon tops, crop tops, Ankara tops, v-neck,round neck,turtle neck tops, body hug tops, vintage tops and so on

Well, it works for me.. Your top is always very noticeable than your Jean or skirt…It reminds me of my very good friend Tonia, who has like 5 tops and 15 jeans, I’m like how do you intend to combine your clothes without running out of blouse. We went shopping and she ended up buying more jeans again. Anytime we are going out, she always complaining about not having enough clothes… I sew some tops and sold to her then her frustration  ended.  

Buy tops, don’t stop buying tops.. It works like magic! 

3. Befriend a Tailor:

For my ladies that always tag” Saturdays are for weddings ” you will agree with me that it not easy to wear different asoebi every weekend and slay.  Well, it’s much easy if you have a good tailor Bestie who can save you from the stress of getting your clothes ready on time and on point.  She can also help you choose lovely styles that fits you perfectly and are in vogue.

4. Shoes are saviours:

I love shoes, I admire shoes, I can picture my shoe collections in my mind already😁.

Shoes compliment your outfit, imagine a lovely dress on a very filthy slippers ..that’s not cool right. 

One thing is to wear a shoe that compliment your outfit another thing is to know the type of shoes that you can wear comfortably.  Always wear shoes that you can walk in without stress. 

5. Accessories can make a statement:

Chocker necklace, jewelleries, beads and more can leave a statement in your outfit. Don’t go overboard with it. Wear your accessories moderately and slay your outfit.

Dont forget to buy quality and trendy dresses. Casual dress, dinner gowns, That also can help.

6. Wear a nice make up :

Today, makeup is the in thing and everyone is gradually becoming a make up artist. You can learn on YouTube  or get a make-up artist to fix your make up. Moderation is key, your face is not a colouring book be mindful of the  overdoing. I think every lady should learn to apply a mild makeup at least, to compliment her everyday look.  If you don’t like to use makeup that’s fine.. You are beautiful the way you are.

7. Be your own Fashion icon :

Be yourself, every other person is taken.. You need to stop disturbing yourself with what everyone else is wearing on Instagram , stop trying to fit in. Wear what you have and be yourself. 

8. Have confidence in yourself: 

Confidence is you loving yourself, your body, your look and your life. Your value is not based on the price tag of your clothes. You are unique, have confidence in yourself.

9. Smell nice: 

We go through the day, moving from one place to another,whether you are working,going to classes ,doing your business or running errands at home. Smelling nice  will make you feel good about yourself. Buy feminine and sweet body spray and perfume.

10. Always wear a smile:

A smile is the cheapest fashion outfit you can wear. It’s cost you absolutely nothing,  no matter how you feel always wear a smile,it’s pretty.

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