Meet the multitalented woman.

Join me as i welcome another prolific writer in the group, mind blowing motivational speaker and relationship coach.This young woman has helped many youth find meaning in dating and enjoying a godly relationship .She’s raising new standards in her family, field of endeavours and leaving an indelible mark in our generation.

Welcome great woman,

Can we meet you?
Hmmm… meeting me??? I am Omodara Oluwabunmi Onome a relationship coach, writer and a speaker, I’m a young lady who is a passionate about impacting lives and my joy is to see people get it right. I think that should be all.

What is your view about life? 

As far as I am concerned life is beautiful and it is worth living. The beautiful thing about it is that it is lived according to our decisions and so you make of life what you choose to make out of it.

How has life shaped you into the woman you are today?

My story is a very interesting life, I love adventures a lot and a large number of times it has led me into different troubles. Life has not always been sweet but every phase got me into the next one, for every phase I learn my lessons and I make up my mind not to make the same mistake. Every day, I am learning, I am trusting God for the next phase. I discovered my purpose at one of my life’s greatest challenge so you see God as a way of using life issues into moulding us to be who he wants us to be.

Do you believe in love and why?

I don’t just believe in love in fact I am an advocate of love. I am a love being. Love is a very beautiful thing that everyone should encounter. There is this feeling that can’t be described when you encounter love. It has a way of calming your fears and it gives you this joy that can’t be describe.

If you were to choose a different person would still choose yourself or someone else?

Why would I choose someone else? (lol) I will always choose Onome o, I might not have had a smooth ride but I have no regrets at all, I’ve learned and I’m still relearning. Everyday I’m discovering more about myself and I’m grateful for everything and everyone around me.

Tell us few things we don’t know about you

I love singing, people say I have a good voice (I don’t know about that thou) but I love singing, I am a shy person but it’s hard to know because I have sort of trained myself to get over it but every time I get to the stage or I get to meet people for the first time there is this nervous feeling I still have. Yes, I studied computer science but along the line I fell I love with writing and what else, I love life a lot so I’m not afraid to try

How has greatwomenworld impacted your life so far?

I came across greatwomenworld on instagram in 2016 and I have never regretted joining that movement. It is a group where I’ve learnt a lot, my eyes have been open to see a brighter side and that as women we can make a great change. I think every young lady should be a part of this movement.

What do you have to say to younger women looking up to you?

My word to you young lady is simple, Get God and walk in purpose and every other thing will fall in place. Keep pursuing your dreams because soon you will be glad you did not give up.

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