Broken walls 

Immediately I returned from school, I saw my mom crying her heart out, my two younger siblings and neighbours were pacifying her. I threw my bag and ran towards them.

What is going on here? 

Mom what happened??

My kid brother Prince, came to me to tell me that Daddy was involved in an accident and he died at the spot. ” Daddy is dead” Prince cried .

My mom was looking dejected and very depressed. I went to her to comfort her. 

How will she deal with these? She is hypertensive, and how will she cope taking care of I and my siblings, a lot was running through my mind. I was dumbfounded. While I was thinking about her health ,she started coughing, 

Please bring her some water, the neighbours yelled. She kept coughing until we took her to the hospital, obviously her blood pressure was very high. The doctor asked us to leave her to rest for a while. 

I took my kid brother and sister Prince and Omo , to the house to prepare dinner for them but the kids wouldn’t eat. Omo has developed a high temperature and was crying uncontrollable. I knew she was affected by the whole ordeal we are going through. 

I tried to force them to have something in their stomach but neither of the did, we all lost our appetite for food. I wasn’t even bothered about myself but my family was everything I had. I went into our parents room that night after I had put them to sleep. I checked through our pictures and cried uncontrollably, I thought my siblings were asleep. They came to held my  hands and told me to stop crying. 

I had to be strong for them. Dad is dead and mom is lying in the ICU. I took them back to their room for us to sleep. Put off the light but I couldn’t sleep. Everything was happening so fast in my eyes. I am about to write my WAEC in few days . I couldn’t sleep all through the night, I was in deep thoughts. I prayed that God healed my sick mom and restore our joy. 

While my  siblings were still asleep, I quickly made pap to give mama at the hospital and hope to be back before the wake up. I got to the hospital and the Doctor told me that I can’t see my mom. I was confused.

All these time, I was trying to reach my mom’s sister who was living in another city but her numbers were unreachable. I have called people from my dad’s village. They were on their way. The only person that has been helpful to us was, my dad’s friend. Mr Charles. After the doctor said I can go home and rest because I looked stressed and I haven’t had any sleep. I went back home to take care of my siblings . 

When I got home, I couldn’t find any of my siblings, it was a neighbour that told me Omo was looking for me when a car hit her. At that time, I was emotionally drained, I collapsed and found myself at the hospital bed.  The painful injection made realise where I was . 

Where Mummy? Where’s Omono? Where Papa. I opened my eyes and saw my mom’s sister and Prince standing next to me. What am I doing here? 

My aunt smiled at me and asked me how I was feeling.

Aunty Adesuwa ;”mom and Omono is dead, daddy is dead”. My 6 years of brother told me. 

I screamed Nooooooooooo!

The nurses heard my voice and told them to leave me to rest. I was injected again until I fell asleep. 

I opened my eyes again to see myself in another hospital, dressed in a uniform,  This time it was crowded. I saw people displaying tantrums. Including the one beside me. They were staring at me in a strange way.

Could this be a physiatrist hospital? 

What am I doing here? Somebody help ! 

Mommy! daddy ! I screamed at the top of my voice 

Another nurse came in and injected me again. 

When I woke up I was served food, I threw the food  away and tried to escape, I was caught and beaten mercilessly until I was weak  . 

 The more I yelled telling them that nothing was wrong with me, the more they give me injection.  

I got tired of the injection and I bite the doctor deeply .

My life wasn’t getting any better.  I knew I was fine but they wouldn’t believe me.

What kind of life is this????  
Hmmm… We have come to the end of today’s episode on story by Ada Blessing Augustine

What will happen to Adesuwa? Will she survived this hard life? 

Why not find out in my next episode. 

Thank you all for the time . 


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