Finding a career in the  fashion world .

Hello Bea ( in Mr falz voice) 

my dearest  pen friend,

If you wish to become a fashion designer then there are so many opportunities for you . 

Don’t think you are limited because you don’t know how to sew or you don’t manufacture fabrics .  

I have some friends who  are very fashionable , they are always wearing  the latest trends and knows how to slay in them. I have met a couple of friends also, who own fashion magazines they carry about,  their phones are full of the latest fashion styles and i begin to wonder and ask, are you are designer ?, they say No, i just love fashion.

 It has gotten to the point that their memory card is always crying for space(lol) because of too many screenshots from fashion pages on Instagram .Is that you?  

Then this article is for you .

What is fashion designing ? 

Fashion designing is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. 

In that note, if you have got creative mind and you are very fashionable you can also become a fashion designer.

The fact is that you don’t have to sew the clothes yourself, so you need to stop limiting your potentials because you are having a hard time on that sewing machine.(But it is great if you can sew) 

Below are some of the career you can find yourself in the fashion designing world .

Fashion journalist 

 You don’t have to be a graduate of journalism before you can become a fashion journalist. As long as you have a flair for writing, you can set up a notch for yourself in the fashion industry. Thank God for social media, you can create a blog for yourself through your smartphone and write about fashion. 

Do your research about fashion journalism and how to go about it. 

Fashion Stylist

If you have a good sense of fashion, you know how to combine clothes to look snazzy! Then you can start by branding yourself as a fashion stylist. Start with your friends and family members, always style them up for functions and special occasion. Soon you will become a BRAND in the industry. 

Fashion designer

A fashion designer is the brain behind the beautiful garments you see around. A fashion designer skeches the designs and brings the whole idea to life.  You can be a designer when you have knowledge and skills about designing .

Marketing & PR

A fashion Marketer and Public Relations person sells the business and its products. This can include writing press releases, staging shows, obtaining reviews, specifying print promotions, managing social media accounts and a host of other savvy media methods to help create a buzz about the brand.

Fashion Retailer

Buying and selling ready to wear or bespoke to a targeted audience. Some sells men wears, unisex, kids clothing, sport wear and so on. You may own a boutique or do personal selling. 
Other jobs in fashion to consider: Merchandiser, Personal Shopper , Sales Representative, Store Manager , PA,fashion illustrator, tailor.
 Skills needed includes

1. Good communication skills

2. Fashion designing skills 

3. Active Online presence

4. Nose for news ( ability to know the latest fashion trends)

5. Be fashionable


7. Ability to work under pressure

8. Be focused and confident about your brand 

9.Knowledge of differnt fabrics ( I learnt on the job)  

I hope that after reading my article, you have gained some business knowledge and ideas, you have also gained some self- confident and you are thinking about your next step into taking over the fashion world.

All the best in your fashion career! 

For more information, advice and fashion  consultancy you can send me a message on 

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