Meet the multi-talented woman 

The goal of this platform is to inspire , having read and shared the stories of other great women on this group, I am bringing to bear, my own part of the story, my fears, my struggles, my pain and my joy.  I hope my story inspires someone out there .

Can we meet you ? 

My name is Ada Blessing Augustine, I am the founder of greatwomenworld, a platform where women from all walks of life  can come together to achieve success, support one another, inspire the younger generation and become  better women .

I am in my mid 20’s. I am goal oriented, I love learning, I am always up to something new.  Probably learning a new skill, a new recipe,a new song, just name it! Basically, I’m a student of life.. We all are.

I love eating rice a lot too  .

Professionally, I’m a journalist, also got keen eyes for fashion and i can write a story that will make you cry.

What is your view about life

Hmmm, I see life as a school… Where we learn everyday, I also see life as a temporary place where every minute counts. People die on a daily basis,what matter most is how much impact you have made here on earth.. Impact, I mean how many lives  you have touch positively, how many people have crossed your path and their lives change for the better. 

Basically ,for me life is about making the most of it because in the end, we will give an account to our creator. 

How has life shaped you into the woman that you are today 

Deep question,…….

Life isn’t fair, I will say I have had my own share of pain and struggles.  I have always been a bookworm always aspiring higher and wanting to achieve greatness.  

I loved studying every night until one fateful night I was awake all night long, it got to the point that I battled with insomnia. I started losing my mind and acting all weird. 

My family got scared, they were running helter scatter trying to figure out what was going on with me. I wasn’t acting normal at that time, after taken to the hospital and treatment was administered. I began to feel better. 

The insomnia resurfaced again  and my family needed to act fast before they lose their only daughter because It was actually getting out of hand. I was mentally draining, I actually thought I would die  but God came to my rescue. I became whole again. 

I was still a teenager and I needed to go back to school to complete my diploma. Everything was crashing right in my face. No money, admission was lost, everything fell apart for me at that time and I was so sad.

I became very depressed and i had no one to turn to… I couldn’t walk on the street because I felt  stigmatised from my previous illness. I became a loner, my friends came around to cheer me up but inside of me i felt empty until I found Jesus.  Jesus healed me from depression, shame and rejection, turned me into an Ada Jesus ( Jesus first daughter)

I became prayerful and got very closer to God… The journey wasn’t smooth.  Due to financial challenges,  I started trading and working very early to raise money for my university education. I will do extras role in movies to raise money ,TV commercials, ushering jobs at the events to pay my school fees.  While I was at the University, I became a fashion designer, started getting costumers for my clothing line. I became a business savvy and didn’t allow my past weigh me down. 

I saw God coming through for me until I graduated from the University, Today I can look back and say, I am not there yet but I am not where I used to be.

 My favourite quote ” God didn’t bring you this far, to leave you” 
Do you believe in Love and why?

Yes I do believe in Love, love is a beautiful thing.   God is love and he loves us. Love isn’t just for couples, loving people around you also matters . I  can say I’m a lovely  lover😂. 

If you were to choose a different person ,would you still choose yourself or somebody else?
 No way! I will always be myslef.. I love me.   Thanks .
Tells us few things we don’t know about you?


1. I am a avid reader of motivational books ,hardly you will cross my path without me lending you one of my books to help you.

2. I love watching rom-com. ( romantic comedy)

3. I love dancing ( in my room) and singing( in the shower)

How has greatwomenworld made an impacted your life so far?

First of all, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to share my story ,if not for incredible women in the group who boldly shared their life stories and I was inspired… I salute you all.

Yes it has impacted boldness, confidence, support and love into my life… I see them all  as an inspiration! 

What do you have to say to younger women looking up to you?
Dear younger women

Don’t allow your condition, limit you from reaching  your potentials

You can be whatever you want to be, if you believe in yourself

Always see God as your source and pillar, human will fail you but God never fails. 

Lastly, don’t be carried away by trends and peer pressure, stay focused!

 Thanks for  the time Miss Ada 

Thank you Greatwomenworld! 

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